Vegetables in our bio-garden in a urbanization of Carmona

Vegetables in our bio-garden in a urbanization of Carmona

Learn English through gardening by Abbie. Here some vocabulary for today, words from example of gardening in English to Spanish:

(aprende cada semana 10 palabras nuevas en inglés, al año tu vocabulario habrá crecido: 560 palabras más en inglés)

Gardening Vocabulary Words:

1. Bed garden- bancal
2. bio-garden – huerto ecológico
3. Horse manure- estiércol de caballo
4. eggplants – berenjenas
5. peppers – pimientos
6. zucchini – calabacines
7. artichokes – alcachofas
8. parsley – perejil
9. basil – albahaca
10. rosemary – romero

Our bio-garden in a urbanization of Carmona

Our Vegetable Garden in Carmona

This year, we started our vegetables and herbs garden by the end of March in the back of our house in one of Carmona’s urbanizations.

Everything was done with our own hands from removing stones, mixing the soil with horse manure and building bed gardens.

We are strongly committed to grow our vegetable garden free of chemicals, a true bio-garden. For that, we make our own natural pesticides and fungicides, all with natural components.

This is our second year, last we built just one bed garden. This year, we triple the size of our garden. Now, we have three mixed vegetable and herb bed gardens. Adding herbs to our gardens helps to fight plagues and other benefits.

Currently, we have planted eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, squash, zucchini, cucumbers, broccoli and artichokes. We also have parsley, oregano, basil, sage, mint, rosemary, and thyme.

I like using herbs in cooking. We are very happy how our plants are progressing day by day!

What do I do when we have too many herbs


My favorite part! Whenever we harvested vegetables, I cooked a delicious dish and kept the rest of the vegetables in our fridge for cooking next time.carmona urbanizaciones en facebook

What do I do when we have too many herbs?

I dried and then stored them in a glass jar. I don’t need to buy anymore!


This is our second year last we built just one bed garden

Homemade Pesticides

Having a vegetable garden is not easy, there are always pests and illnesses that can cause harm and affect the growth of the plants.
One of the common pests we always have in our garden are aphids.

Very noticeable that we can see the changes of the leaves and the plants are surrounded by many ants.

My husband Jesús figured out a way how to treat aphids by mixing potassium soap with vinegar and 96% alcohol.

Tobacco Spray
Just as tobacco is hazardous to humans, tobacco spray was once a commonly used pesticide for killing pests, caterpillars, and aphids. Mix one cup of organic tobacco (preferably a brand that is organic and all-natural) into one gallon of water. Allow the mixture to set overnight. After 24-hours, the mix should have a light brown color. If it is very dark, add more water. This mix can be used on most plants, except those in the solanaceous family (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc.)

10 Homemade Organic Pesticides

With this mixed solution, we sprayed the affected leaves and plants depending how it needs to be treated. It really works and helps to prevent the aphids from coming back.

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