Natural fertilizers – our own compost – watering the plants

Natural fertilizers – our own compost – watering the plants

Learn English through gardening by Abbie. Here some vocabulary for today, words from example of gardening in English to Spanish:

(aprende cada semana 10 palabras nuevas en inglés, al año tu vocabulario habrá crecido: 560 palabras más en inglés)

Gardening Vocabulary Words:

  1. Water storage drum- bidón de agua
  2. Vegetable and fruit peels- restos vegetales y de frutas
  3. Aphids- pulgones
  4. Pesticides- pesticidas
  5. Fertilizers- fertilizantes
  6. Faucet- grifo
  7. banana peels- cáscaras de plátano
  8. Potassium soap – jabón de potasio
  9. Egg shells – Cáscaras de huevo
  10. Coffee grounds – restos de café molido

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Natural Fertilizers

Egg shells, coffee grounds, vegetable and fruit peels are most of the common fertilizers we are using for our garden.

The egg shells gives calcium to the plants, coffee grounds contain some minerals that helps improve the soil, and banana peel gives potassium, nitrogen and magnesium which is very beneficial for the plants and soil and the same way with potato peel.

How we do it? We cut the peel of banana and potato in a small piece put it in a separate container then we add 1 liter of water and soak it for 2-3 days until it’s ready to use.

We take out the water from the container with the peel and mix it with the water for watering the plants. The rest of the peel will be for compost.

banana peal for compost urbanizaciones-carmona

Our Own Compost

We made our own compost bin although you can also buy it in store. The compost bin must have proper temperature and it’s important to know what and what not to add in your compost.

The way we do our compost is simply by collecting all the fruit and vegetable peels except the peel of onion garlic, seeds and roots. Adding dry leaves is also one of the keys for better compost.

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It is also important to keep the compost moist. It will take time for full decomposition and when the compost will be ready but you will get the best result if it is taken care of well.


Keep in mind not to throw all your fruit and vegetable peels, egg shells, coffee grounds and tea bags as they are all good for compost.

What to Compost

Composting is a great way to use the things in your refrigerator that you didn’t get to, therefore eliminating waste. Keeping a container in your kitchen, like this chic white ceramic compost bucket from World Market, is an easy way to accumulate your composting materials. If you don’t want to buy one, you can make your own indoor or outdoor homemade compost bin. Collect these materials to start off your compost pile right:

Better home and gardens

 watering the plants urbanizaciones-carmona

Watering the Plants


The best time to collect water is when it’s rainy season. This year we were able to collect rainwater and we are using it for watering our plants.

Water from the faucet

Last year, we don’t have rainwater and we are getting it from the faucet. We collect the water and we store it in a water storage drum and let it sit for 2 days before using it for watering the plants. It’s a way to remove the chlorine in the water.

The best time for watering

Early in the morning during winter and when it’s sunset during summer.


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