Learn English by cooking, gardening and craft ideas with Abbie

Learn English by cooking, gardening and craft ideas with Abbie

Learn English by cooking, gardening and craft ideas with Abbie. Cook and have fun with me in Carmona.

Hello everyone!

I’m Abbie and currently living now in an Urbanization of Carmona with my husband Jesús.

I have lived in different countries in the world and I adapt diverse cultures, traditions and tried many cuisines.

From different parts of the world to our Urbanization

I lived in Dubai for 8 years, in Singapore for a year, in Saudi Arabia for 3 years and in the USA for 2 years. I speak English normally at home with my husband and with my neighbors.

My experiences in Seville

I am learning Spanish at the moment and studied Spanish in one of the school in Seville, I am still trying my best to improve it.

In 2017 I came to Seville and we settled in an Urbanization of Carmona, where we have a small house.

cook and have fun with me in carmona

Living a natural life

Life in the countryside I would say is very relaxing, I love it, and a bit busy too specially having our own vegetable garden we look after.

Organic food and mindful eating

My husband Jesús is the one who is doing the most amazing job in our garden and I am more on thinking about what different dishes/recipes I can possibly cook from all the organic vegetables from our garden.

We never use any harmful pesticides and all are natural and homemade.

Neverless I always prefer cooking healthy foods; I am very passionate in cooking. Spain is one of my favorite country and the foods in each region are delicious.

learn english in carmona with abbie

My other passions

  • the do it yourself

Really I also love decorating from any recycled items, table settings on special occasions.

  • teaching English

I am also teaching English to some kids around the neighborhood.  For me it is pure enjoyment the time with them.

learn english in carmona with abbie

Why I start to be a part of this blog?

I hope that I can contribute in this group by sharing my thoughts about the Urbanization of Carmona and different aspects in our life.

My objective is to teach you new vocabulary word and the English language by cooking, gardening and sharing my ideas how to decorate things.

It will be another way to have contact with the English language in a simple way. It means directly from the stomach to your mind.

Let us cook together and have fun!

Thanks a lot!

Here is my email address if anyone is interested to learn English with me:


Translation in Spanish Aprende inglés cocinando y comparte ideas de jardinería con Abbie

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