Barbecue Ribs, Grilled Potatoes and Corn With Abbie

Barbecue Ribs, Grilled Potatoes and Corn With Abbie

Learn English By Cooking The Recipe Of Today – Barbecue Ribs, Grilled Potatoes and Corn With Abbie

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New vocabulary words in English:

1. Barbecue ribs- costillas a la barbacoa
2. Dry rub- especias para las costillas
3. Corn – maíz
4. Pork ribs- costillas de cerdo
5. Foil- papel aluminio
6. Baking tray- bandeja para hornear
7. Potatoes- patatas
8. Butter- mantequilla
9. Homemade- casero
10. Spices- especias
11. Tablespoon- cucharada

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Recipe for today to enjoy with family and friends in Carmona

Barbecue ribs is one of the dishes I love to prepare and enjoy it with friends, family and even for special occasions. It is a dish that is easy to prepare without spending too much money. You need patience for this because it requires long cooking time.

I made this recipe for my husband’s birthday last week ago. This dish costs around 9-10 euros and it’s a delicious meal for two persons. For the side dish, I grilled potatoes in a foil, corn and arugula salad. One of the secrets of this recipe is the dry rub that I made by myself. Let’s begin how it is done!

Ingredients for Barbecue Ribs:

1 kilo rack of pork ribs
Homemade barbecue rub ( recipe below)
Hunt’s barbecue sauce ( I bought it in El Corte Inglés but it’s also available in Carrefour)

Barbecue Rub:

1/2 cup brown sugar
1/4 cup paprika
1 tablespoon ground black pepper
1 tablespoon salt
1 tablespoon chili powder
1 tablespoon of onion powder
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper

foil – to wrap the ribs for grilling

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-Mix all the ingredients for the dry rub

-This homemade dry rub can be store in an air tight glass jar and can be use many times.

Grilled Potatoes in foil:

4 medium size potatoes

1 tablespoon olive oil

1/2 teaspoon of each:
-ground pepper
-garlic powder

butter – to put on top of the potatoes before closing the foil/no measurement for this as it depends how much you want it.

foil – for wrapping each potatoes

Grilled corn:

2 corn on the cob

Butter – enough to baste the corn after grilling it

Salt and ground pepper- depends on your taste


1. Wash, clean and remove the fats and skin of the ribs.
2. Apply the dry rub generously on the ribs. It should be evenly distributed over the ribs.
3. Wrap the ribs in a foil. Make sure that it cover the whole rack of ribs so that no juices will drip while grilling it.
4. Grill it for 1 hour in a very low fire and indirect heat. In my case I don’t have a gas grill and I used a normal charcoal grill and I covered it with a baking tray to cook evenly and to be tender.
5. After an hour, remove the ribs from the foil. Baste it with barbecue sauce and grill it for another 10 minutes each side. There you have a barbecue ribs that melts in your mouth!


-You can grill the ribs in the oven, gas grill and a normal charcoal grill. The time of cooking will depend how you will cook it.

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Grilled Potatoes in foil:

1. Mix all the ingredients except the butter.
2. Coat the potatoes with the mixture.
3. Wrap each potato separately and top it with a small knob of butter.
4. Close the foil tightly and grill it the same time with the ribs and turning it after 30 minutes.
5. The potatoes will be done at the same time as the ribs.

grilled corn with abbie urbanizaciones-carmona

Grilled Corn:

1. Wash the corn and remove the “hair type” from the corn, commonly called “corn silk”.
2. Grill it directly but watching closely that it will not get burn and turn it once in a while.
3. When corn is done, put butter on it, some salt and pepper.


You can omit pepper if you’re not a fan of it and use other spices or cheese according to your taste preference.

You can also use foil for grilling the corn.

Feel free to serve it with a green salad. Enjoy the food!!!!


Thanks a lot!

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